It Takes Two

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It Takes Two

Post by Teal »

I can't stress this enough.

If you have kids, on the preteen/young teen side of things, this is a must play.

What a fun, innovative, unique game. The story is heavy stuff, so the kids will need to have the ability to deal with it, but it's honestly a Pixar movie in game form. The child in the main game overhears her parents discuss getting a divorce, and she has created two small dolls that represent her mom and dad. She uses these dolls as an escape from their fighting, and...

You can figure the rest out yourself.

It Takes Two requires co-op play, and there's online co-op, but I can't imagine playing this game with some random. I think this must be experienced with a kid.

My 12 year old daughter and I played for six hours straight yesterday, and had no idea. The game is challenging without being frustrating, and requires each of you to do different things to help the other.

And I just told my girl to clean her room so we could keep playing...she excitedly complied. So there's that.

Great, great game.

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