**** Updated league house rules as of 2/7/2014

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**** Updated league house rules as of 2/7/2014

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Below are all house rules for the New City Baseball League as of Feb 7th 2014.


*162 game MLB format schedule including inter-league play.

Waiver length -8 days.

DFA length - 10 days.

DH in American League only.


*You may offer 1 extension to a player at any time during his first 6 years of major league service.

*Players at the end of any extension or free agent contract will automatically go free agent when their contract expires.

*Contracts Extensions are 5 Year Maximum.

*Team options that are for more than the FIRST year of the deal must include a 50% buyout.

*You may not ALTER any incentive packages for Cy young awards, MVP, plate appearance bonuses etc. These are usually 5 and sometimes 6 figures or less. Any huge incentives that are discovered will result in a stern talking to.

*Player Options ARE allowed. Any TEAM option offered that is above the previous year's salary MUST be given a 50% buy out clause. If a player is discovered to have been offered a huge team bonus with no buyout, the owner will receive a stern talking to.

*Extensions may drop in yearly value over time -- 5% max per year.

Free Agents:

*7 year max contract offer.

*Contracts that increase in value are allowed.

*Team options that are for more than the FIRST year of the deal must include a 50% buyout.

*No more than ONE team option year may be included in an offer.

*Contracts that decline in value may not decline by more than 5% each year

*Incentives are allowed, within reason; just do not edit them if they appear and you'll be fine

*Vesting options are allowed but must be cleared by the commish -- no more "60 plate appearances by your closer" options. I will almost never nullify a vesting option; just don't be dumb about it. Only 1 vesting option per player.

*Player options are allowed.


*All trades must be confirmed by both parties via the FORUM. If it's not there it's not valid. There is a section inside the trade forum for confirmations,. Please use that when confirming a trade (no banter there, please)

*Trading of Draft Picks is not allowed.

* The 10/5 rule is not enforced.

*Teams must still be able to afford any trades made, either via budget or available cash.

*Deadline trading: From July 1st to the trade deadline of July 31 a team may make ONE TRADE that pushes them beyond their budget limit but ONLY if that player is in his final contract year. That player may NOT be extended by the new team.

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