Downington Pre-Arb trade list (From e-mail)

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Downington Pre-Arb trade list (From e-mail)

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With arbitration coming up and some younger players on the horizon, I'm willing to listen to offers for the following players:

SP Lucio Olvera: 2022 All-Star, 29 years old with a career ERA+ of 116, 3:1 K-to-BB ratio, and 30 starts made each of the last four seasons. Arb-eligible and his estimate, according to my scout, is $7.35 million.

OF George David: Lefty outfielder that can start at all three outfield positions. Had a breakout year in 2023 with a 134 OPS+ (.304/.337/.552), 38 2Bs, 23 HRs and spectacular defense. Arb-eligible and his estimate is $4.6 million.

OF Carlos Ramirez: He rebounded in a big way from being dinged up in 2021-2022: .305/.360/.514 with 9 HRs and 17 2Bs in 210 ABs. He has as expiring 2024 contract of $4.5 million.

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