Hagerstown Trade List

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Hagerstown Trade List

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Hagerstown is willing to consider trading any of the following players.

CF Fernando Torres 6/8/4 Last year of arb with an estimate at $4.5 million and you control his extension rights. He hit .300 last season with 28 home runs and a 900 OPS

RF Jose Alvarez 9/2/5 1st year of arb with an estimate of $5.5 million and you control his rights for 3 years and then his extension rights. Hit .323 last year with an 835 OPS

3B Gabe Fernandez 7/8/6 Expensive so he can be had relatively inexpensively. He still hits very well against RHP and plays a premium position.

MR Peter Whitehead 7/8/8 Last year at $3 million. He struggled this past year but has been a consistent setup man. Because of salary could be had inexpensively.

SP Pedro Cota 9/7/5 65% G/F ratio - Solid mid rotation starter and much more affordable than what you will pay in free agency for a similar quality starting pitcher.

SP Tony "Trout" Willick 7/7/6 Quality starter with a cheap contract for the budget strapped team.

Looking for prospects or willing to consider your major league players

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