Indy trading SP & CF

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Indy trading SP & CF

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Indy has a #3 SP, Career 89-98 with a 4.3 era and 1.36 whip. He is 32 years old. Averages about 3 WAR per year. Contract is 11.7 mil per year for 3 years and then a team option for the 4th with $0 buyout. Vincente Nunez. I'll take the best offer for a guy on ML league minimum I get in return.

Jesus Chavez is hitting .291/.381/561 with 19 HR's in just 67 games. He is a + defender in left and average at center and right. He is 31 and up for free agency next year. I think I hacve the ability under league rules to re-sign him if I would like to (the first time he is up for FA) for 5 years. Rioght now he wants 13 mil for 5 years. He averages 30+ HR's per year. Make an offer.

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