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NCBL League Rules

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Below are all house rules for the New City Baseball League as of June 17th, 2012


*You may not offer an extension to a player with arbitration years remaining on his contract. (less than 5 years of MLB service time). If a player is discovered to have been offered a contract it will be voided and the owner given a stern talking to.

*Contract extensions will be permitted to players who are about to go Free Agent the following year and who are in their last year of arbitration (between years 5 and 7 service time).

*Players beyond the 7th year of service time will automatically go free agent when their contract expires.

*Contracts Extensions are 5 Year Maximum

*You may not ALTER any incentive packages for Cy young awards, MVP, plate appearance bonuses etc. These are usually 5 and sometimes 6 figures or less. Any huge incentives that are discovered will result in a stern talking to.

*Player Options ARE allowed. Any TEAM option offered that is above the previous year's salary MUST be given a 50% buy out clause. If a player is discovered to have been offered a huge team bonus with no buyout, the owner will receive a stern talking to.

Free Agents:

The NCBL uses an Open Forum Bidding System. We do NOT use the free agent system built inside OOTP for top shelf free agents.

*The start of the Free Agent Period will be announced by the commish via email. The FA period will run until all players with bids are signed.

*In the Free Agent Bidding Forum owners must place a bid of “intent” within the first 48 hours of the FA period or you will be ineligible to submit bids for said player. If you are counter bidding, your bid must be at least 10% greater in overall value that the previous bid as well as being equal to or greater than the yearly contract value.

Example: If an owner offers 1 year 600K to a player: valid counters would be: 1 year 660K; 2 years 1.2 million (total value); 3 years 1.8 million; 4 years 2.4 million; 5 years 3 million

*During the first 48 hours (intent period), 24 hours after a valid bid is posted is the deadline at which bidding is closed on said player. (ie. if no one counters in a day's time, he's yours). After each bid is made the clock starts again. No eBay Auction Sniping bids will work. Every bid extends the time period another 24 hours. (or 12 see below)

*24 hours after the "intent" period, (hour 49+) 12 hours after a valid bid will become the deadline at which bidding is closed on said player. (ie: 3 days into the FA Period, if no bids are made on a player in 12 hours, he's yours)

*ALL teams, whether opening or not, may post a maximum of 5 bids (PER PLAYER) when bidding on free agent players. This does not includeteam matching offers (see below)

*Contracts for FAs are 5 year maximum

*Team Options offered to free agents during the open forum bidding process will NOT COUNT toward the total value of the contract when determining who has the leading bid for said player.

*Free agents not offered a contract during the Free Agent period may be offered a contract in-game as normal after the Free Agent Period ends and a new file is available (this includes minor league FAs)

*FAs will sign with the team that offers them the highest total dollar amount.

*Offers must be at least 600K for players with 3+ years of service time and 400K for those with 0 to 3 years of service time.

*Minor league contracts are not allowed during the open bidding time.

*The team who is losing the player to FA may make a matching offer on the player. The matching offer is considered the "high" bid for that player and unlike regular bids, matching offers are unlimited and not maxed at 5 bids per player. Since we have no draft pick compensation this is a way for players to keep players on their team if they can afford it and wish to pay the highest bid amount. Teams may continue to push the bids higher, forcing the original team to continue to match the offer, but basically, if the old team has the money and REALLY wants a player regardless of price, they can do it.


*All trades must be confirmed by both parties via the FORUM. If it's not there it's not valid. There is a section inside the trade forum for confirmations,. Please use that when confirming a trade (no banter there, please)

*Trading of Draft Picks is now allowed. (As are newly drafted players) Picks may be traded for the current season and the next season only. Example: Once the off season begins, the upcoming draft class (defined as the current class) as well as the following year's class are both available for trade. After the June draft, ONLY the following season's picks are available for trade until the following off season. The game does not track trades made for the following year so it is up to the players involved to remind me of this when the time comes.

*Teams must still be able to afford any trades made, either via budget or available cash.

*Deadline trading: From July 1st to the trade deadline of July 31 a team may make ONE TRADE that pushes them beyond their budget limit but ONLY if that player is in his final contract year.
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Re: NCBL League Rules

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Just a heads-up that you can also find the rules here in Google Drive. Please send me an email ( if you need to be granted access.

- Jon
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